What can Securely do for you?

You can pay directly to the Securely banking platform listed on the acceptance   email. This will ensure your funds are safe until you choose to release them to the tradie.

Paying directly to Securely will ensure your money is safe and guarantees the tradie of payment and guarantees your satisfaction with the tradie’s work before you pay the tradie.

This gives peace of mind and ensures that the tradie will be paid on completion of the job to your satisfaction. The tradie does not get paid until you confirm you are satisfied with the job and authorize the release of funds from the Securely app.

Simply register on the app and follow the prompts to create a job, this will be sent to your client for acceptance, and you will be notified that you can commence the job.

 You can create another job with a quotation and a description that captures the increased scope.

Your customer’s funds have been received and are held in the Securely Bank platform ready for you once the job is completed.

Upon completing of the job, the tradie selects this option to notify their customer that you feel you have completed the job and are requesting payment for the job.

Call the quick contact Securely direct phone number 1300 781 244


Get up and running in minutes.

Use the Securely tradie software to make sure you get paid in full, on time, every time